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Rajat Patidar Jersey Number

Hey cricket fans, have you heard the buzz about Rajat Patidar jersey number It’s got everyone talking!

Rajat plays for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Rajat Patidar Jersey Number

Rajat Patidar wears the number 17 Jersey, which used to belong to RCB legend AB de Villiers.

Why is number 17 special?

AB was a superstar for RCB, everyone loved him! So, when he left, RCB decided to retire his number as a tribute. It’s like saying, “No one else will wear this number, it belongs to AB forever!”

Why is Rajat wearing it now?

Well, Rajat is a young player with a bright future. He’s talented, hardworking, and already showed his skills in the IPL.

Some people, including AB himself, think Rajat can be a future star for RCB, just like AB was. It’s like saying, “We believe in Rajat, let him carry AB’s legacy with pride!”

But doesn’t that disrespect AB?

Not at all! It’s more like a torch being passed on. AB is proud of Rajat, and he sees a bit of himself in him. It’s like saying, “AB is gone, but his spirit lives on in the next generation!”

So, what’s the bottom line?

Rajat wearing number 17 is a cool way to honor AB and show faith in a young talent.

It’s a reminder that even though legends leave, new heroes rise, and the game keeps going strong!


  • Rajat wears number 17 because AB retired and it’s special.
  • It’s not disrespecting AB, it’s passing on his legacy.
  • It’s a sign that RCB believes in Rajat’s future.

Hope this clears the air about Rajat Patidar jersey number, Now go out there and cheer for your favorite teams!

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